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Gundam characters‎ Gusion Dantalion Age Asemu Vs Zeheart Seed Phase 01

By Mohd Shaffir Daus Sulaiman

The occasions was Cosmic Era 70, and attributable to the occasions of ‘Bloody Valentine’, the Earth and Plant are at war, with out aspect having a extraordinary merit over the other. Earth appears to have all of the smooth vehicles, (tanks, planes and different war vehicle) while Plant has cell matches (humanoid robots, and canines like robots). Kira Yamato, who appears to be a little bit of a techno whiz. Watching his robot bird, Torii, he has a flashback, the place individual assures him there won’t be a war among Plant and Earth. His friends, who inform him that Professor Kato is requesting his help, again, jolt him out of his reverie.

Note: Kira lives on a impartial colony, Heliopolis.
Meanwhile, an invasion of the colony is being prepared, likely to take earth’s new cell weapons. Back at the colony, Kira and his pals bump into Flay Allster, whom Kira has a crush on. At the lab, Kira spots a blonde haired lady donning a beret, who’s the professor’s guest. Back in space, NULL Zaft ships, Vesalius and Wateo start the invasion. Alarms cross off within the lab, telling everybody to evacuate. The blond haired lady is going off in one other direction, and Kira follows her. They stumble onto a firefight among Zaft forces and the Earth soldiers. After managing to get the lady to an escape pod, Kira heads off to discover another. He then allows out considered one of the earth soldiers, which effects in a confrontation among him and his childhood friend, who’s now a Zaft soldier. Athrun (the Zaft soldier) hesitates whilst he sees Kira, and whilst threaten via the final Earth soldier, he will get into considered one of the Gundams (Aegis) Kira and the soldier climb into the Strike Gundam. Read and Watch the complete sequence here

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